WHY do people sell to us as a cash house buyer in Berks County instead of listing it on the market? Check out case studies below of real people in Berks County selling their houses for cash. Does your situation sound similar to any of these?



Hey, Berks County. I’m going to start doing some case studies for you. So welcome to case study number one. This is an example of a house that we purchased in West Lawn and Berks County in Pennsylvania. We bought this house cash. This seller reached out to us via our website. They had tenants in the property. They did have a property manager that was overlooking the property, but not really, as you can tell from the outside. It’s crumbling, the porch roof is falling down. It’s in pretty poor condition. I’m going to flip through the pictures here so that you can see that the tenants were not taking care of the property. This is the exterior. So if the property management company was even driving by it, they could have seen that it wasn’t being taken care of. We own multiple rental properties in Berks County, so we understand what landlords are going through when they have tenants.

We actually tend to like to self-manage because we haven’t had luck with local property management companies. You can see all the bushes are overgrown on this house. We were called by the seller because the tenants were removed. They were moving out and she walked through the property and this is the condition she found it in. And she was obviously devastated. So she was looking for someone to come in and quickly buy the house cash so that she wouldn’t have to clean out all this stuff from the property and make all of these repairs. You can see the garage doors are broken, windows are broken out, doors are broken out, and the house was hoarded. Unfortunately, this happens sometimes. Sometimes we have sellers that don’t want to take a cash offer and they decide to turn their property into a rental. And this is the risk you take with having rental properties.

We know. We have many of them. We’ve been landlords for 12 years in Berks County. We made this seller a cash offer. She at first didn’t want to take it, she thought it was too low. Then magically the property management company that let the house end up like this made her a cash offer, so isn’t that convenient? It’s almost like they let the tenant destroy the house so that they can then swoop in and buy the house cash. So the problem was they wanted her to have the entire house cleaned out and fix some things before they would purchase it cash. I don’t understand that. Our job as cash buyers is to make the seller’s life as easy as possible. We do not ask you to fix anything and we do not ask you to clean out the house. So she came back to us and said, “They made me a cash offer, but they want me to clean out the house. I would rather if you guys purchase it cash, but can you go any higher?”

We weren’t able to go higher, but we have the largest network of real estate investors in the county because we organize the largest real estate investment group in the state of Pennsylvania. So what we did is we put the word out to some investors we know that are buyers that do the work themselves and can pay a little more. And we called one of those buyers and sent him to walk through the house and he was able to get the seller a little bit more than what we could. So our job is to get you the most amount of money possible while making the process as easy possible so that you don’t have to clean out or fix up a house. So we were able to get her a little bit more money than what we originally thought.

We bought the house cash within a week or two. We go to settlement with a title company, just like you would if you listed a house on the market, and she was relieved of this headache. She made some money, she didn’t have to clean out the house, and she could put this whole nightmare behind her quickly. And that is our job, to make it as stress free as possible. You see the same pictures I see. This is extremely stressful. Not only was she a landlord, she knew the people renting the house and they disrespected her and disrespected her house by hoarding it and destroying it. It was a very difficult situation for her. If you’re looking to sell a tenant occupied property, we do buy with tenants in place or sell a house that’s hoarded cash or a tenant has destroyed and you just don’t want the hassle of fixing it up or cleaning it out. Check out the rest of the information on our website, fill out a form and send it over to us. We’ll see if we’re able to help you. Or you can give us a call at 610-816-6205.

CASE STUDY 2: Cash House Purchase in Berks County – House in Good Condition

CASE STUDY 2 - House in Good Conditon, Need a Flexible Settlement

Hey Berks County. This is a case study of a house that we purchased in Boyertown, Pennsylvania here in Berks County. The seller called us to sell their house fast in Berks County because they were thinking of moving across the country to Washington State. And I’m going to flip through some pictures while I talk to you.

So the reason they didn’t want to list the house on the market with an agent, as you can tell, it’s not in bad condition, it needed some finishing touch work like on some trim and some pains. But the house isn’t in terrible condition. We buy houses in nice condition in Berks County. When they called us to sell this house cash as is in Boyertown, they asked us if we buy houses that don’t need a ton of work. They mentioned that it needed some paint as you can see in the pictures here, needed some finished work. And we do buy houses in Berks County that don’t mean a ton of work.

So why did they sell to a cash buyer in Berks County instead of listing their home on the market with an agent? They did this because they were moving across the country and they needed flexibility. It’s also hard to tell, but there’s a two-car garage out back, and the garage is packed full of stuff.

So when people don’t want to clean out the house and take all the items with them, they usually call us because they need a more flexible settlement. When you list your home on the market with a real estate agent in Berks County, you have to have the house cleaned out. You also have to do certain repairs. They didn’t want to finish the rest of the repairs. They were in the middle of doing some. Didn’t want to have to finish those out, and they didn’t want to have to clean out the house. So they left behind a lot of stuff that we cleaned out for them.

When we buy houses cash as is in Berks County, we take care of cleaning out the house so that you don’t have to. So they just packed what they wanted and moved across the country. We also got them cash in their pocket before they moved. Yes, you heard that correctly. We offer flexible settlement dates and we also offer to give sellers cash before they move.

Why was this important? They needed to get a moving truck across the country. They needed to get plane tickets so that they could fly across the country. They were moving out to Washington State so that they could be closer to family, and they needed a flexible timeline. They weren’t sure when their flights were going to be. They needed money up front to move. They didn’t want to have to time the sale of their house in Berks County with the purchase of their new place. So we actually purchased the home before they moved out of the home so that they could have cash on hand.

So yes, we do buy houses in Berks County, Pennsylvania that aren’t in bad condition. They just need a little bit of touch up work. Maybe you don’t want to clean out your house in Berks County, maybe you don’t want to do the little bit of things that need to be finished, and maybe you just need a flexible settlement date. If this is your scenario, feel free to call us for a free, no obligation consultation for your fair cash offer on your home in Berks County.