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Foreclosure in Berks County

Hey, Berks County. Let’s talk about the eviction moratoriums from Covid and what is going on with pre foreclosure, and what the heck is pre foreclosure in Berks County? And how can you help yourself so you don’t have to deal with this really stressful situation. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a lot … Continued

Selling Your Home During Divorce

Hey, Berks County. April, with Berks County House Buyers. And today, I’m going to talk to you about what to do if you need to sell your house or one spouse wants to come off the house if you’re going through a divorce. This is obviously a very sad and very tense time. And there’s … Continued

Selling your House Cash Living out Of State

Hey you all, April Crossley here again with Berks County house buyers, answering some of your most common questions. Recently, we’ve been speaking with a lot of sellers who are selling properties in Berks County that live out of state. We have a lot of owners here from New York and New Jersey, Florida, all … Continued

Who is the Cash Home Buyer Middle Man?

Hey, Berks County. Let’s talk about the middle man. Sometimes sellers who are looking to sell their house fast in Berks County, Pennsylvania for cash will ask us, “Is there a middle man? Are you actually the person buying the property or is someone else buying the property?” We’ve been buying houses in Berks County … Continued

Can Cash Buyers Actually Close?

Hey, all April Crossley here with Berks County House Buyers. And today we’re going to talk about how do you know that your cash buyer can actually close on your property. This morning, we got a call from a homeowner who needed to sell their house quickly for cash, but they were scared because they … Continued

Selling a Home With Code Violations

Hey Berks County, April Crossley here with Berks County House Fires, and today we’re going to talk about code violations. A lot of times people will ask me, “Can I sell my house if there are code violations in place?” The best part about selling your house for cash in Berks County is that we … Continued

Hoarder House Berks County

Okay, Berks County. Let’s talk about houses that are hoarded. A lot of times people will ask us, “Do you buy hoarder houses in Berks County?” And the answer is yes. So I will tell you about the largest hoarder house we’ve ever purchased in Berks County. And then tell you a little bit about … Continued

Behind on Payments

Hey, Berks County. I wanted to do a little case study for you on a seller that we’re working with right now, who has a home in West Lawn, Pennsylvania, and he contacted Berks County House Buyers to sell his house quickly for cash. And he is behind on payments. And we get a lot … Continued

Unfinished House Projects

Hey Berks County, April Crossley here answering more of your common questions about selling your home in Berks County, Pennsylvania. We recently purchased a home that was under construction. By under construction, I mean, it was a homeowner who had started renovating a house and just didn’t finish it and life circumstances changed. That sometimes … Continued

What Does Selling As-Is Mean?

Hey Berks County. This is April Crossley, the owner of Berks County House Buyers and today we’re talking about the term as-is. Yesterday I met with a seller and he was telling me how he was trying to clean everything out of his property. And he just went through a really bad medical emergency and … Continued