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We Buy Houses Cash Signs

We Buy Houses Cash Signs

Hey, Berks County. Let’s talk about the “We buy houses cash” sign. You see these yellow, they’re called bandit signs, hanging typically on telephone poles or their yard signs. You see them all over Pennsylvania, all over the United States. We definitely see these “We buy houses cash” signs in Berks County, and you might drive past these signs and think, “Who and why would anyone want to sell their house cash and who would call a number on a sign like that?” So let’s talk about who is buying houses cash and why. There are a lot of real estate investors or real estate companies that will buy houses for cash all over the United States. You definitely want to work with someone that is local to you and understands your local municipality’s rules and regulations and your local title company so that the property gets transferred properly if you do sell your home for cash. The people buying them will typically buy these houses to use as rental properties or buy them to renovate them, fix them up and sell them to another home owner in your area.

So what type of people are selling their house cash? Why would someone hang up signs that say “We buy houses cash” unless there was someone in the area that was also looking to sell their house cash? There’s lots of people that do not want to list their home on the market with a real estate agent, and I’m not talking about people that just don’t want to pay commission. We all know those people that are like, “I want to sell my house, but I don’t want to pay commission, so I’m going to sell it cash.” When you’re dealing with a cash home buyer or someone that’s putting up a yellow bandit sign that says “We buy houses cash”, you’re dealing with someone who works with distressed sellers and there’s lots of different types of distressed sellers. Some sellers just need to sell quickly. We’ve had sellers at Berks County House Buyers that just need to sell fast so that they can have money in their pocket to purchase another property.

We have an example of this on our website at berks610.com, where we purchased a house from a homeowner who needed to buy a house in Florida and the market was very competitive, so they wanted cash in hand to buy that property. They did not have time to wait for someone to get a mortgage and buy the house on the market. So we came in and purchased that property cash, we bought it a discount, but they had cash in hand and they were ready to go and buy their property in Florida, and they couldn’t have been happier. It worked out great.

We always strive to create win-win strategies for people. So you have people that just need to sell fast. You have people that have a home that’s in disrepair, so it needs a lot of work. It needs a lot of work. Sometimes it’s missing a kitchen completely. Sometimes it just needs carpet and paint and updating, or sometimes it has a really bad roof or certain situations where the home would not qualify for a mortgage. So doesn’t have a kitchen, the roof is really bad, stuff like that where you have sidewalks that are all broken up, or there is a municipality in our area where we buy houses cash that requires people to install sidewalks. This is a hefty cost and a lot of times homeowners are like, “I do not want to spend the time or the money having a sidewalk installed around my house. I’ve lived here like 70 years and I don’t want to do that so I’d rather just sell it cash.”

And then it’s our responsibility as the cash house buyer to come in and install the sidewalks. So sometimes it’s because people want to sell quick. Sometimes it’s because the home is in disrepair. Sometimes it’s because they’re under a lot of stress because they’re behind on their mortgage on their home and they’re facing pre-foreclosure or facing foreclosure of their home and they really want to sell quickly to get out of the weight of that stress. That’s a very stressful situation to be in. So you have people like myself who have real estate companies that can come in and buy the home cash and get homeowners out of that situation very quickly so they can stop getting all the calls and mail from the bank and all the things, nagging them about their house and they’re behind on their mortgage and they’re already in a stressful situation.

And then someone’s constantly calling them all the time. So there are homeowners in Berks County that are selling their house cash because they need an easy solution to their problem or they just want to be done with a property. At Berks County House Buyers, we have 12 years, 12 years. I think we’re coming up on 13 years of providing that experience for you. We’re happy to give you referrals to our attorney and our title company to show you how many homeowners we have helped in Berks County by buying their houses quickly and easy so that it’s a stress-free process and they can move on with the next season of their life and not be weighed down by their home causing them stress. If you’re looking to sell your home cash in Berks County, give us a call, (610) 816-6205 or check out our website, berks610.com.

You can see testimonials there and video testimonials of other homeowners that we’ve helped in Berks County by buying their house cash. So we do buy houses cash very quickly if you need to settle quickly or on your timeframe if you don’t need to settle quickly. Sometimes we buy it and then you can live there after we buy it so you have cash in pocket to move. Ask what your options are for selling your home in Berks County. We look forward to helping you.

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