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Agent Vs. Cash Buyer

Agent Vs  Cash Buyer

Hey, Berks County. Let’s talk about how we are different from a real estate agent. My name’s April Crossley and I work with Berks County house buyers. And a lot of people that reach out to us will ask how is selling my home to you in Berks County, different than listing it on the market with a real estate agent? And there are certainly some significant differences. So we’re going to discuss those today.

First, let’s start with the commission. When you list your home on the market with a real estate agent, you pay a commission to that agent. Typically 6%, plus you pay your transfer tax and any fees. So you’re looking at probably around 7 to 8% off of the purchase price that you are paying in fees and commission. When you sell to us cash at Berks County House Buyers, when we buy your home cash, there is no commission and we pay all of the fees. So we pay transfer tax, we pay any deed prep fees, any other title company fees. We pay all of that and we do not charge a commission. So that’s the first big difference.

The second difference is preparation of the home when you’re getting ready to list it on the market. If you’re listing your home on the market with an agent in Berks County, you have to typically have the home in decent condition. So cleaned out, fixed up, repairs done. Buyers will typically do home inspections or you’ll have a property transfer inspection done by the township that you live in, in Berks County and the township can require that certain repairs be completed. So there may be some repairs that you have to do prior to settlement. And the agents will tell you to clean out the home and fix it up a little bit, depersonalize it, declutter it, things like that.

When we buy your house cash in Berks County, through Berks County House Buyers, we’ve been buying houses cash for 12 years. There’s not much that we haven’t seen. We’ve pretty much seen it all. We have the ability to look past any clutter, any repairs that need to be made, anything like that, so that you don’t have to spend any extra time or any extra money fixing up your house, cleaning out your house, getting it market ready. When we buy your home cash in Berks County, we take care of all those things for you. So we will schedule the clean out company. If you have a property transfer inspection with the township that you live in, in Berks County, we take care of all the repairs required by the property transfer inspection. We can also take care of any other repairs. So that’s the second big difference.

So commissions, repairs and clean out, and the third is mortgage versus cash. A lot of times when you put your home on the market with an agent in Berks County, the person that’s coming to buy it is going to get some type of mortgage. Not that this is a problem. Lots of people buy with mortgages, but mortgages come with contingencies. A lot of mortgage companies will do an appraisal on the property. So they’re going to look at the condition. And when the appraiser comes in, he’s going to say this, this and this need to be fixed before this mortgage company is going to give you a mortgage on this house. Because it’s basically reducing their risk by making you fix certain things that they might find on the appraisal. When we buy houses cash in Berks County, through Berks County House Buyers, there is no mortgage. So we don’t have to do any inspections. We do not do an appraisal. And there’s no one telling us, you have to fix X, Y, and Z in order to get the mortgage. It just doesn’t happen.

So no commissions when you sell cash, no cleaning out or fixing up the property, no mortgage contingencies. And the third thing or fourth, we’re on four. How quickly can you sell the house? Sometimes people reach out to us because they need to sell in a hurry. Either the house is in disrepair and it kind of just keeps going downhill, or they just really need money in their pocket now. The bonus of selling to a cash home buyer like Berks County House Buyers, is that we can buy your house within a week. We also don’t rush you out. So there’s times where we have gotten sellers money in their pocket prior to them moving out of the house. So if a fast settlement or getting money in your pocket prior to moving out is something that interests you, definitely reach out to us at berks610.com or I’ll leave our phone number at the end of the video.

Now, if I only told you the wonderful things about a cash house sale, I’d be trying to sell you on something, which is not at all what I’m trying to do. So let’s talk about the perks of listing the home on the market with a real estate agent. We very clearly tell people if your goal is to get the highest amount of money you can get for your property, the most amount of money, you want to list your property on the market with an agent. If you have time to do the repairs and clean out the home, and you don’t mind the township coming through and doing an inspection, an appraiser coming through and telling you what you need to fix. If you have the time to fix those things, and you don’t mind a mortgage contingency, and you don’t mind waiting six to eight weeks for someone to purchase your property, then listing it on the market is definitely the way to go.

At Berks County House Buyers, we specialize in people that are in unique situations that need their home typically purchased quickly, or need a home purchase that’s in need of significant repair and will not pass any of those inspections. Our goal is to give you options for selling. So if you’re unsure if you should list it on the market, or sell it to a cash home buyer, we will give you both options. And we can connect you with our real estate agent so that he can give you a market value for the home. You can reach out to us for a free, no obligation consultation at 610-816-6205 or via our website, berks610.com.

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