Sell A house with a Renter

Hey, Berks County. Lots of times people will ask us, can you sell a house with a renter in it? And there’s a lot of different reasons that people looking to sell their house in Berks County, Pennsylvania, have a house with a renter in it. My name’s April Crossley. I work with Berks County … Continued

Inherited House Berks County

Hey Berks County, April Crossley here with Berks County House Buyers, answering more of your questions today. I have owned Berks County House Buyers for a long time now. We’ve been buying houses in Berks County since 2004, and we continue to buy them today. We are a cash home-buying company located here in Berks … Continued

Sell A House With a Lien On It

Hey Berks County. Today we’re going to talk about how to sell your house cash in Berks County Pennsylvania if there is a lien on it. A lot of times homeowners in Berks County will call us and say, “I have a lien on my property.” So a lien is any type of loan or … Continued

Can You Sell A House With A Mortgage?

Hey Berks County, April here with Berks County House Buyers. I’ve been buying houses for cash in Berks County for over 12 years now. A lot of times people will call us and ask if they can sell a house cash in Berks County that has a mortgage on it. A lot of times people … Continued

Getting a local homeowner 25k MORE for their house!

Hey Berks County, I want to tell you today about a seller we just helped to make about $25,000 more on her property than what another cash buyer was willing to pay her in Berks county, PA, and just to give you some tips on how to choose a legitimate cash buyer when you’re looking … Continued

Cash BEFORE You Move

Moving can be costly. You may need money for a downpayment on the next place. Or money for a security deposit. Money for a moving truck and movers. The costs add up. Nothing is more stressful than selling your house in Berks County and timing the sale with the move and having the money to … Continued