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Selling your House Cash Living out Of State

Can I Sell My House Cash from out of State

Hey you all, April Crossley here again with Berks County house buyers, answering some of your most common questions. Recently, we’ve been speaking with a lot of sellers who are selling properties in Berks County that live out of state. We have a lot of owners here from New York and New Jersey, Florida, all over the place. Sometimes people own rental property here, and then they move to another state and they realize it’s a little difficult to manage from that far away. And they need to sell that property and just get cash out of it. And they ask us, “Can I sell my property cash if I live out of state because I don’t want to have to come back to Pennsylvania to sell my property?” The good news is you do not have to be in Pennsylvania or in the state you reside in to sell a property that you own there.

Our job at Berks County House Buyers is to make the process as easy as possible on you as the home owner. It’s why we offer quick cash sales where we clean out the property, we take care of all your transfer tax and closing costs, so you get one simple bottom line number at settlement. So, how does it work if you live out of state? There’s a couple different situations. If your property is tenant occupied, we can schedule an appointment with the tenant to walk through your home in Berks County. Yes, we buy tenant occupied properties cash in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The second option, if it’s not tenant occupied and it’s vacant is that we can get someone to let us in if you’re willing to mail us a key or if you know someone that locally that has a key to your property that could meet us there and let us in. We have spouses who are real estate agents, we work with a lot of real estate agents, and we’ve been buying houses in Berks County for over 12 years.

So, what we will do for you is typically put a lock box on the property and put your key in the lockbox. That way it’s safe and secure and if you have to send anyone else to the property like pest control or an electrician or a repair person, you already have your property on lockbox. If you sell to Berks County House Buyers, you don’t have to worry about fixing anything or passing any type of municipal inspection. We take care of all that. We’ll fill out any paperwork. If you need to sign anything for a municipal inspection, we will talk to the municipality and let them know we are responsible as the cash buyer for all the repairs and we will take care of that within a certain number of days of settlement. So, how exactly do you sell a house if you are not here to sign the paperwork at closing? Our title companies that we’ve worked with for over 12 years in Berks County are amazing.

They will get all the paperwork together and they will put it in a FedEx package and send it to you with a sticker to overnight that paperwork back. On your end if you are selling your home in Berks County to Berks County House Buyers, there will be paperwork that you have to get notarized. Getting this paperwork notarized is really easy. I say this because I have traveled and purchased houses and the title company has had to send paperwork to me as the buyer. The fastest way to find a notary is typically to find a UPS store near you. And that UPS store online, you can schedule an appointment with the notary, so that you can go in there to get paperwork notarized. The title company will lay out for you very clearly, what has to be notarized and what doesn’t have to be notarized, so that you’re not paying for anything extra. So, you’ll go to the notary, sign the documents, get signed documents that need to be notarized in front of the notary agent, then they’re going to stick it in the FedEx package for you.

The title company already prepays for an overnight sticker. You’re going to put that sticker on the FedEx package and send the package back to the title company. But how do you get your money? That’s usually the next question. You sold your home for cash in Berks County to Berks County House Buyers. How do you get paid? The great news is you’re not relying on Berks County House Buyers to cut you your check. So, it’s not like you have to worry about a check bouncing or never showing up or anything like that. The title company is going to set up payment for you. So, if you live out of state and you’re selling a home in Berks County and you want to set up a wire, the title company will set up a wire for you and the wire will be come directly from the title company to your bank account as the seller, and you will get paid immediately.

The title company can also send you a certified check from them, so that again, no worries about anything bouncing and they’ll mail that check overnight to you and ask you to confirm when you received it and then you can deposit that check into your bank account. Please note, typically when you’re selling your house cash in Berks County, if you’re getting a large sum of money, your bank might put a hold on part of that money. So, whatever you get, don’t run out and spend it right away. Sometimes the bank will do a three, five ,or seven day hold if it’s a big chunk of money coming into your bank account all at once. After that, we take over the property and there’s nothing else left for you to do. So, you don’t have to come back to Berks County, Pennsylvania to sell your house here. If you live out of state, we make the process very easy for you. If you have any questions or you want a free, no obligation consultation, feel free to give us a call 610-816-6205 or check us out berks610.com.

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