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Tax Lien House Berks County

Selling a Tax Lien House Berks County

Hey, it’s April here with Berks County House Buyers. Let’s talk about tax liens. We’ve been buying for 12 years in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and we help homeowners that need to sell their house quickly for cash. A lot of times, homeowners will get a notice that they owe back taxes on their property, or they have what’s called a tax lien, which just means some taxes were unpaid, they owe some money, and sometimes if you let that go for too long in Berks County, the house can go to tax sale. So, people will say to us, “Can I sell my house to you for cash in Berks County if I have a tax lien on it?” And the answer is, yes, you can. And, obviously, the quicker you do that, the better. So, it’s typically an urgent situation. Although we never rush anyone out of the house and can oftentimes get people money upfront so that they have money for moving costs, so they can find another place to live.

If you owe taxes on a home in Berks County, and that house goes to tax sale, you likely won’t get anything from the tax sale. They will sell the property off a tax sale and then come and have the occupant removed from the property and you won’t get any money from the tax sale process. So, you can still owe taxes on your home and possibly have equity in your home, even though you owe some tax money. So, if you call us for a free, no-obligation consultation at 610-816-6205, we can take a look at your home and what you owe on it and see if there’s a way for you to still walk away with some money in your pocket, even though you have a tax lien on your Berks County home. This can be a very stressful situation, and a lot of times, people tend to want to stick their head in the sand and not deal with it. And I completely understand that.

Who wants to deal with that stress? But imagine the relief if a company like ours can come in and say, “Here’s the situation. Here’s how much your home is worth. Here’s how much the tax lien is. Let us deal with the municipality so that you don’t have to. We’ll make sure the tax lien gets paid off and then also get money in your pocket. Whereas if they take it back, they’re just going to take it back and remove you, and you’re not going to get any money for that.” Sometimes people don’t know whether they owe back taxes or not. A lot of times, we come across investors who are out of the area, and they’ve purchased a home and they haven’t done the right title process. And they’re not sure if they owe back taxes, or they don’t owe back taxes on the property in Berks County.

What we do is we take the property address and we send it to a title company in Berks County, just like a real estate agent would, and the title company does what’s called a title search. So they’ll look for any companies or municipalities that might have liens against the property. So, back water bills, back tax bills, anything like that. And when they show up, they let us know, “Hey, there’s taxes owed on this property of, let’s just use an example of $5,000.” Those taxes have to be paid off for that property to transfer from one owner to another owner. So, when we make you an offer and we go to settlement, we do that with a title company, just like a real estate agent would, only we’re buying cash, so there’s no inspections, we can settle really quick. So you’re not piling up late fees and attorney fees on top of that tax money that you owe. We go to settlement and the title company makes sure that that tax bill gets paid. Okay? So that’s done.

So, no one’s coming after you for it down the line or anything. And then the house transfers. So, the tax liens get paid off, and any other liens, whether it’s water bills or sometimes we’re working with a mortgage company because people have fallen behind on their mortgage and have fallen behind on their taxes. So if you’re in a stressful situation where you have a tax lien on your property, and you’re looking to sell your house fast for cash to get rid of that tax lien, we do a free, no-obligation consultation. You can visit our website, berks610.com, or reach out to us via phone 610-816-6205, and let us look into those tax liens for you to see if we can get you some money out of your property, get that stress off your shoulders and get you moving on and living your best life.

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