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Unfinished House Projects

Unfinished House Projects

Hey Berks County, April Crossley here answering more of your common questions about selling your home in Berks County, Pennsylvania. We recently purchased a home that was under construction. By under construction, I mean, it was a homeowner who had started renovating a house and just didn’t finish it and life circumstances changed. That sometimes happens. For this homeowner, he was moving from one state to another state for a job and didn’t have time to complete the renovation on his home in Berks County.

People will often ask us, can I sell my house in Berks County if I didn’t complete the renovations? Believe it or not, we buy houses in Berks County from homeowners, but we also buy houses in Berks County from other real estate investors or companies that have started construction and for some reason could not complete the construction on the house in Berks County. Sometimes people run out of money. Sometimes people run out of time. Sometimes they honestly just run out of the energy and are sick of doing the work.

We understand. We ourselves have lived in some houses in Berks County where we fixed up the houses while we lived there. So we were living amongst the construction. So yes, we do buy houses that are midway through construction and not completed. Just to give you an example, on the house we recently purchased, the deck was not finished. You couldn’t go out on the deck. It was a second story deck and it was incomplete, partially started. There were big holes in the basement floor in the cement. So it was not finished and around the windows on the exterior, there were big gaps. They had taken off some siding, put in some new windows and they weren’t the right size. So things weren’t matching up on the outside. A lot of major unfinished projects.

When you try to sell a house on the market with a real estate agent in Berks County and you have a lot of unfinished projects, most real estate agents in Berks County will tell you that you have to finish the deck, finish the windows and complete these projects in order to sell your house. That’s because someone buying your house is getting a mortgage and the mortgage company will not approve a person to purchase a home where a second story deck is not finished or some other major construction project. That’s because when the home appraiser comes through or the property transfer inspector comes through from your local township in Berks County, they won’t approve the home for sale because they feel it’s unsafe.

The best part about selling to a cash house buyer like Berks County House Buyers is that we’ve been buying in Berks County since 2004. There isn’t much we haven’t seen. We know all the local municipality and code inspectors. So we tell them we’re going to buy the house cash so we don’t have to worry about a mortgage appraiser coming through and saying anything is unsafe. If you give us two weeks, we will fix everything that you need fixed in order to consider the property safe for the transfer inspection. So the homeowner doesn’t have to take care of finishing construction or finishing any part of the construction to make it safe.

We’ve seen homeowners try to install handrails, and fix steps and fix sidewalks just to sell the property even to us, and they do not have to do that. So when we say we buy houses as is in Berks County, we buy them in any condition, even if it’s a construction project, or a rehab project, or just a household project you started and you’ve run out of time. You’ve run out of energy. You’ve run out of the money to complete that project. That’s okay. We will come in and buy your house cash as is no inspections at all, not contingent on it passing a property transfer inspection. We do not care. We will take responsibility for completing all of the construction projects that were started. If you are looking to sell a home in Berks County that has some incomplete construction projects, give us a call 610-816-6205 or visit our website Berks610.com.

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