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Who is the Cash Home Buyer Middle Man?

The Middle Man in A Cash House Purchase

Hey, Berks County. Let’s talk about the middle man. Sometimes sellers who are looking to sell their house fast in Berks County, Pennsylvania for cash will ask us, “Is there a middle man? Are you actually the person buying the property or is someone else buying the property?” We’ve been buying houses in Berks County for over 12 years. Now we buy houses directly and we also do what’s called wholesaling. This is when we make you an offer and you say, “I’d like to get a little bit more for that house.” So, we say to you “Awesome.” After doing business for 12 years in Berks County, we have a huge network of real estate investors that we work with. Let us talk to some of them and see if they’re able to pay more for the property.

What we will do is contract the house with you as the seller, then go to our investor network and say, “We have this house in Berks County, Pennsylvania. This is the price the seller’s asking for it. Does anyone want to purchase this contract? Do you want to purchase this contract that we have for this house at this price?” Unlike other cash house fires, we do not tie up your house under contract. If our price isn’t the price, that’s good for you and we decide that our investor program, meaning we take it out and see if other investors have interest in it. If we decide our investor program is right for you, we can tell you in less than one week, if we are going to be able to get the house purchased by another cash buyer in Berks County, one week. There are cash house fires out there that will put your home under contract and tie it up for months. That is not the right thing to do. If you’re asking an appropriate price for your house, your house will sell quickly for cash.

So, is there a middle man? There is, we connect you with another reputable cash investor. Why do I say connect with reputable? You can certainly go out and vet all these investors by yourself and have them come through and look at your house. Number one, I found that is super inconvenient on your part. Number two, you don’t know who’s reputable and who’s not reputable. We’ve been working in Berks County, buying houses cash for over 12 years. We’ve met a lot of investors, a lot come, and go fly by night. We’ve heard all the stories about investors that leave people sitting at the settlement table and never actually purchase the house. We only work with reputable people. In fact, we typically work with less than 10 of the same cash buyers over and over and over in Berks County because we know who’s reputable.

Let’s just say there’s a lot of not reputable investors and there are a small core of us that are very reputable. We’ve done all that vetting for you beforehand, so that we can get you the highest cash offer for your home, so that you can sell that house quickly not doing any repairs, not dealing with any municipal inspections, not having any headaches. We switch over all the utilities. We’ll take over everything. Buy your house cash quickly and you collect your check. You can give us a call for a free no obligation consultation for a direct cash offer or to learn more about our investor program at 610-816-6205 or check us out on our website, Berks610.com.

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