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Buy my House Cash Letters In the Mail in Berks County

Hey Berks County! A lot of people call us wondering why they are getting letters from investors in the mail, asking if they want to sell their home Cash, As-Is.  Here’s a quick video explaining to you why you are getting those letters 🙂

Why Do I Get Letters In the Mail to Sell My House CASH AS IS in Berks County

Let’s talk for a minute about the letters that you get in the mail. People will always say, “Why am I getting letters in the mail from people that say, ‘I buy houses cash. I want to buy your house cash. I buy houses as-is.'” A lot of letters are out circulating in the mail lately. We do letters as well, and people often call us and say, “Why am I getting this letter?” They think that we are specifically targeting them and their house, which isn’t necessarily true. I just want to take a few minutes to explain to you why you’re getting those letters in the mail.

Educating Sellers on Their Options For Selling: 

For us at Berks County House Buyers, we do buy houses, cash, as-is, in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and we do send out letters looking for more houses. Why do we do that? Because we own a whole bunch of houses and small apartment buildings in Berks County. We take pride in providing clean, affordable housing for residents of Berks County. We are landlords as well as a company that buys houses to fix them up and resell them if they’re in need of repair or full of stuff or we have a seller that needs to get rid of a home quickly and they can’t list it on the market.

What we do is we do a lot of marketing, just like other companies. You might see a postcard in the mail from us. We usually send out pink, pink postcards, or we’ll send out a letter, and we’ll ask you, do you have any interest in selling your home? Sometimes people get super offended by these letters and it is not our intention to offend you in any way. Our whole purpose is just to send them out to see if we can find anyone that’s interested in selling, to let them know that there’s other options out there besides listing the home on the market with a real estate agent. A lot of real estate agents do marketing. I don’t know if any of them get called and yelled at for sending letters or sending postcards or if people get offended by them, but we’re just doing the exact same thing.

The Areas of Berks County that We Market To: 

We certainly love all areas of Berks County. We own properties that we use as rentals in Shillington and Womelsdorf in Berks County, and West Lawn in Berks County, in St. Lawrence in the Exeter area of Berks County. We buy all over Berks County, Pennsylvania. We even have an apartment building up in Schuylkill County. We really are looking for people that are either landlords that are tired of being landlords and want to sell the rental property and hand it off and sell it to another landlord because they’re just sick of being a landlord and taking care of a rental, or we’re looking for people that have a home that they need to sell that they’re not looking to put on the market that may make a good rental for us.

Just because you’re getting a letter doesn’t mean that the house is a good fit for us. We certainly don’t buy every house that we look at, which is why we’d like to do a free, no-obligation phone consultation with you. You can call us if you have a house that you’re looking to sell, 610-816-6205. We’ll hop on a really quick phone call and ask you some questions about why you’re selling, to see if the house might be something we’re interested in purchasing.

If you got a letter and you don’t want to sell your house, you have no intention of selling, it’s really easy. You can call us or text us or email us. Our website is typically on our letters and you can text or call the number that’s on the letter or the postcard and just say, “Hey, please remove me from your mailing list. I’m not interested in selling and I’m probably never going to sell my house any other way than with a realtor.” That’s perfectly fine. We certainly don’t want to be a bother to anyone and we will take you right off our list.

In short, we mail to pretty much the entire county looking for houses of people that are looking to sell to a cash investor. If that’s not a fit for you and you know that already, just give us a call and we can take you off our mailing list. If you think we might be a good fit for you, certainly give us a call, shoot us an email or a text and we’ll do a little phone consultation with you to see if we have interest in your house that you’re looking to sell. My name’s April Crossley. If you need help with a home in Berks County, Pennsylvania, you can reach out to us at 610-816-6205, or via our website, berksdirectcashbuyers.com.






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