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Selling an Estate Property in Boyertown, Berks County, PA

Hey Berks County. Today, I’m standing outside this home in Boyertown, Pennsylvania in Berks County. It’s a four bedroom, two full bath home that we purchased from a family that found us on our website.

And reached out to us and asked us if we buy houses cash in Berks County, which we do.

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Selling a House that is an Estate Property with a Bad Septic System for Cash

How We Helped The Family

The family had a family member that owned the home that passed away under tragic circumstances. Which I think is where our strengths kind of separate us from other companies, because we formerly worked in health care. So we have a lot of empathy for people going through situations like this. And understand how overwhelming it can be when you own an estate property and in Berks County Pennsylvania, that you have to take care of. And you might not want to sell the home on the market for several reasons. Sometimes families don’t have the time to wait to sell the home on the market.

They have bills that need to be paid, they don’t have time to come and clean out the house and sort through things. And we take care of all of that. So when we buy houses, cash in Berks County, Pennsylvania, we will take care of cleaning the house out so that you don’t have to. In this case, the family cleaned a lot of stuff out of the house on their own at first. And then sometimes families just realize, I have my own family and I don’t have time to keep coming to this house that’s sitting here vacant and cleaning it out and taking care of it, and keeping up with it. So they call us to see if we can buy it cash, and take care of cleaning it out for them, which we do. So with this house in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, we came through, met with the family.

Buying The House As Is

The house was in need of a lot of repair. It hadn’t been updated in a while. So we updated the kitchen. You can see the deck behind me there had to be rebuilt. The house also had a septic system that was in pretty poor condition. So when we buy, as is, with no inspections in Berks County, it’s very typical to have septic systems with houses. So when we say we buy as is no inspections, we always tell families that have a house with a septic system that we will inspect the septic system. In this case, the septic inspection failed on this house. So we took on the cost, we paid for the septic inspection, we also paid to have the septic repaired so the family didn’t have to worry about that. So if they would have sold the house on the market in order for someone to get financing to purchase a home like this, the family would have had to come out of money, out of pocket, excuse me, with money to pay to have the septic system repaired.

They also would have had to have the house cleaned out. And they would have had to deal with home inspections and things like that where people would have come through and ask them to make further repairs on the property. And sometimes we come across a lot of sellers in Berks County that are in estate situations and they do not have the money to come out of pocket to pay for repairs, pay for a septic inspection. It gets very overwhelming paying for that stuff for an estate property. While they’re also trying to cover their own bills and their own expenses. So the house needed some work. We came in, we cleaned it all up, cleaned it out, rehabbed it, updated all the rooms, and actually the family was kind enough, they wanted to come back through and see the house after we were finished rehab, which was awesome.

That actually really meant a lot to us. Sometimes families want to see the house after it’s rehabilitated and sometimes they don’t want to see the house, which is fine too. But in this case with this house in Boyertown, the family was super, super nice.

Everyone Was Happy

They came back through and loved the house and the rehab that we did on the house, so they were really happy, which made me really happy. We were happy to revitalize another home in Berks County. So if you or a loved one are dealing with an estate property in Berks County and you’re overwhelmed with anything like the clean-out process or inspections on the home or anything like that, it can be a very overwhelming process.

We will walk you through it step by step. We’re happy to help, come out, give you a no obligation cash offer to buy the property as is, and you’re more than welcome to follow along with the project and all the repairs we do and even check it out afterwards.

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