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Selling your Berks County Home to Transition To a Nursing Home

Hey Berks County, this is April with Berks County House Buyers and I’m standing in a home in Shillington, Pennsylvania that we recently purchased cash from a homeowner.

We help homeowners in Berks County when they have a home that may be difficult to sell on the market. This home is newly renovated here in Berks County. As you can see, the kitchen behind me is all done and complete and I’ll give you a little snapshot of the hardwood floors in a second.

The story behind this home, we actually were dealing with the family members of the seller. The seller was moving to a nursing home to go for care and the family wanted a quick sale and a cash offer on the home so that they would have some funds to help pay for that nursing home care.

The house was also full of stuff in Shillington, the one we’re walking through now. It wasn’t necessarily a hoarder situation, but the family member collected a lot of things and had a lot of stuff in the house.

The house was very dated, so we ripped up carpet, re-did the hardwood floors, repainted, remodeled the entire kitchen and we cleaned out the house. So the family didn’t have to clean out the home.

They didn’t want to have to clean out the home or fix up the home to get it ready for the market. It takes a lot to clean out a home and a lot of times, family members have jobs in their own families and their own houses to take care of and they don’t want to take the time to do that.

The house was also kind of coated in nicotine. The family member that lived here smoked and so where the walls were supposed to be white, they were a little bit yellowed so and it smelled a little bit of smoke.

So it wasn’t a great house to put on the market here in Berks County and the family didn’t really want a whole bunch of people walking through the house and looking at the house when it was so full of stuff and didn’t smell so great.

So they had us come in and give them a fair cash offer on this home in Shillington in Berks County and what we did is we actually broke down that cash offer for the nursing home because a lot of times, the nursing home will want to see why the family is selling the house for what they’re selling it for because they want as much money as they can get to pay for care.

So when this happens, we don’t … We are more than happy to meet with the nursing home or chat with them on the phone. We do a whole writeup and we break down all the cost, repair cost, what it’s going to cost us to clean it out, and we show them why we’re paying what we’re paying for the property.

So we basically justify our cash offer so that the nursing home accepts it. So if you have a home in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Shillington, Wyomissing, Wernersville, we buy all over Berks County.

We give fair cash offers to families. If you have a family member that’s going into a nursing home and you have questions about how that works, or what do you present to the nursing home, we can take care of all of that for you and help guide you.

Give us a call or visit our website, www.berksdirectcashbuyers.com or 610-816-6205 to get a fair cash offer on your home in Berks County, Pennsylvania. We look forward to helping you.




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